Using the Skyhook

The Basics

NEVER YANK - Always pull gently downwards on the Skyhook when clipping. This helps avoid shock-loading the joints, which can lead to your product wearing out prematurely.

See the video below for how to use the Superclip to hang draws, unclip draws, and clip the rope into pre-hung draws.




  • Extra Stiffness - When you’re using the Skyhook and you don’t need the maximum length, don’t extend each segment all the way (leave 2-3” of each segment still collapsed). This extra overlap will result in a stiffer pole that still has plenty of reach for most bolts.

  • Hauling the Skyhook - if you need to haul the Skyhook or clip it to your harness, just clip a carabiner directly through both loops of the Superclip!

  • Bouldering Mode - The Skyhook can be used as a bouldering stick brush! Unscrew the Superclip from the end, and install a standard brush attachment (available at most US hardware stores). We recommend bringing the Skyhook into the store to check fit when buying a brush attachment, since there is no official standard for brush threads and some products may not fit as well as others. When you are using the Skyhook as a bouldering brush, make sure to leave the top 2 joints fully collapsed, and also to leave at least 4” of tubing inside each of the remaining joints. Following this advice will give you a stick that is able to handle the higher sideways forces that brushing boulders puts on the device.


Warranty issue? Questions?

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